MAD Brussels organises themed seminars in order to promote conscious practice, expertise, and attitudes, but also to bring together and connect people, ideals and skills.


Let’s Talk About Eco-Design

If design assumes its industrial vocation while taking the environmental issues of production into account, we should literally have to make objects that have the vocation to generate less objects. This would imply inventing a kind of black hole (objects) that possess the rare ability to absorb waste and low-gravity objects.”

Through a selection of industrial, artistic and prospective projects, Gaëlle Gabillet - Studio GGSV demonstrated different design stances in response of environmental issues.

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Let’s Talk About Circular Fashion

Yesterday we were talking about sustainable development, today we are talking about circular economy.   There are many environmental challenges for the fashion industry. The seminar “Let’s talk about circular fashion” presented initiatives that have emerged to address these issues, to serve as a guide along a path that, beyond professional challenges, is a real opportunity for creative innovation.



Jasmien Wynants – Flanders Fashion Institute – presentation of the platform Close the Loop

Luc De Maeght – Atelier Noterman – presentation of their sustainable jeans project 

Stan De Boitselier – Hogeschool Gent – CSR within the clothing manufacturing industry 

Debate moderated by Gert Vandermosten (Stadslab 2050) with the speakers and Veerle Spaenen (Plan C/Les Rebelles d'Anvers), Ilke Cop (fashion designer), Jo Van Landeghem (Creamoda), Katrien Janssens (IVOC)

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