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Results for book collection

Name Author Editor Year Language Book category
Paula Scher Ellen Lupton Pyramyd NTCV 2008 French Designers biography, Graphic design
Patrick Jouin Collectif Pyramyd Pyramyd NTCV 2004 French Designers biography, Furniture design
Paprika André Marois Pyramyd NTCV 2007 French Designers biography, Graphic design
Ostengruppe Poitr Bankov Pyramyd NTCV 2006 French
Non-format Adrian Shaughnessy Pyramyd NTCV 2006 French Jean-Louis Frechin, Uros Petrevski, Véronique Vienne Pyramyd NTCV 2007 French
Niklaus Troxler Roxane Jubert Pyramyd NTCV 2007 French
Motomi Kawakami, Design with precision and flexibility Motomi Kawakami, Angelo Mangiarotti Amus Arts Press 2001 English Designers biography
Mixer Melchior Imboden Pyramyd NTCV 2007 French
Mathieu Lehanneur Ross Lovegrove, Paola Antonelli, Hans Ulrich Obrist Gestalten 2012 English Designers biography
Matali Crasset Francis Fichot, Alexandra midal, Andreas hoyer Norma éditions 2012 French
Marian Bantjes Debbie Millman Pyramyd NTCV 2008 French
Marcel Gascoin, Design utile Pierre Gencey Editions Piq Poq 2011 French
Mambo Cathy Blisson Pyramyd NTCV 2007 French
Malte Martin Gérard Wajcman Pyramyd NTCV 2007 French
Maki Lawrence Zeegen Pyramyd NTCV 2008 French
M.A.D. Ken Coupland Pyramyd NTCV 2003 French
Machine Carolien Glazenburg Pyramyd NTCV 2008 French
Less and More, The Design ethos of Dieter Rams Klaus Klemp, Keiko Ueki-Polet Gestalten 2010 English Designers biography
La bonne merveille Jérôme Delormas Pyramyd NTCV 2007 French