mad x poppy food design

mad x poppy food design

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13 / 09 / 2017
08 / 10 / 2017

The new culinary concept from Lyla & Romane
In connection with the exhibition “Belgium is Design: from Milan design week to Brussels”, MAD invites the food designers from Poppy to organise a fresh, green culinary experience at our own MAD Café!
From 13 September to 8 October, we invite you to come discover, taste and expand your knowledge of plants and their creative culinary uses!
Each week, a selected plant will be served in various ways, from appetiser to dessert.
Practical Info
13.09 – 8.10
12 PM> 2 PM
Three-course lunch (appetiser + main dish + dessert) & a drink
Price: 16€
Address: MAD, Place du Nouveau Marché au Grains 10, 1000 Brussels
Menu from 13.09 to 17.09

Salted crackers / Vegetable dip
Savoury crumble of courgettes and aubergines / Tomato chutney
Deluxe chai platter / tangy biscotto / shortbread / smoked biscuits
Find out more about…
Common names: the Polar Plant, Compass-weed, Compass Plant, Dew of the Sea, Incensier, Rosmarinus coronarium, Rosmarine, Mary's Mantle and Old Man.
Botanical name: Rosmarinus officinalis, of the mint family Lamiaceae

Benefits: Rosemary is known for many benefits to the body. Applied to the skin, it can stimulate cognitive faculties and hair growth as well as soothing coughs and reducing high blood pressure. Taken internally, it treats liver and gastrointestinal disorders. It is also known for its ability to relieve headaches and combat stress and fatigue. A diuretic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, rosemary transfers its power to tired organisms.