Nomad Design: Design Week

Nomad Design: Design Week
Acrojou Wheel House ©Steve Edwin Photography

Events / Call for designers

04 / 03 / 2017
09 / 03 / 2017

Nomad Design: Design Week
People’s Architecture Office

Companies, brands, design studios, schools, NGOs and research organisations looking to showcase their products and services, and share their experiences and stories on the theme of nomadic design are invited to send ideas and proposals to

Since its opening in April 2016 BASE Milano has transformed the former Ansaldo complex into a new reference point for cultural and creative experimentation – for the 2017 Design Week has chosen to explore fresh approaches to nomadic living: hybrid spaces able to switch between the private, the recreational and the professional, simultaneously serving as home, office, workshop, lounge and home-cinema. Nomadic objects, blends of analogue and digital, interconnected, agile and always portable.

To delve into these themes, BASE Milano is planning and selecting:

  • A flagship project: a highly symbolic large scale installation, an icon of Nomadic Design.
  • Thematic production projects and presentations of prototypes and previews, produced in collaboration with businesses and tied in with the theme of Nomadic Design.
  • A programme featuring talks, seminars, workshops and performances dealing with Nomadic Design, in partnership with research organisations and businesses.

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