Occupation : Designer - Brussels vision on design

occupation : designer
Bass Smets ©Maxime Delvaux

Exposition / MAD

21 / 04 / 2017
20 / 08 / 2017

Occupation : Designer - Brussels vision on design
©Maxime Delvaux
Occupation : Designer - Brussels vision on design
Bas Smets ©Maxime Delvaux
Occupation : Designer - Brussels vision on design
OpenStructures ©Maxime Delvaux
Occupation : Designer - Brussels vision on design
Annelys de Vet ©Maxime Delvaux
Brussels vision on design


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A project by DAMnation, in collaboration with

Annelys de Vet
Bas Smets
Benjamin Loyauté
Laurence Soetens
Xavier Lust

Design is a field with many textures and layers. Design is an open land of creativity, offering many viewpoints with limitless boundaries. Design is plural. And as a common denominator, ‘good design’ is heralded for its honest, useful, innovative, sustainable, and aesthetic qualities.

With MAD’s opening exhibition Occupation : Designer, we are openly showing works by some of the most creative minds, with projects that are Made in Brussels. This exhibition reveals the diversity of design without borders. It represents a multitude of visions developed by a group of designers who live & work in Brussels and operate on a global scale. They are all focused on improving our living & working conditions, from product problem-solving, urban implementation, social advancement and identity development, to fashion and food design. Brussels inspires...

The word ‘occupation’, as used in the title, can be read as ‘profession’ or way of spending time, but it simultaneously defines the action of entering and taking control of a building, thus expressing the various layers of the title ‘designer’. We applaud the fact that these different visions can sometimes be contrasting or even contradictory because design opens up a multitude of ways in which to be creative, in the desire to effectively improve and enhance people’s lives.