ramène ta fraise

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07 / 10 / 2017

ramène ta fraise
A workshop shows children the connection between fashion, design and eating habits.
The extra-wide ruff was fashionable in the 16th century. Before eating, guests would help each other tie too-small serviettes around their necks to avoid getting their enormous white, pleated lace ruffs dirty. At the time, people ate with their hands and used a spoon for soup.
One day, King Henri III, the son of Catherine de’ Medici, was invited to eat dinner in Venice. He was given a fork with his pasta dish. He found the utensil amazing because he was able to eat without staining his enormous ruff. He brought the strange piece of cutlery home in his luggage. Forks became fashionable in France. Today, they’re found on every table in Europe.
The children will discover 16th century fashion through the paintings of the time. They’ll make paper ruffs, put them on and try not to get them dirty when they eat their snack. Then, they’ll have their portrait drawn in the Renaissance style.

2pm - 5pm (with snack)
8-12 yo
Price: 15€ (with snack)
10 kids max
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