The Bauhaus #Itsalldesign

The Bauhaus #Itsalldesign

Exposition / Design

15 / 03 / 2017
11 / 06 / 2017


With The Bauhaus #itsalldesign, the Vitra Design Museum presents a comprehensive overview of design at the Bauhaus.

The exhibition encompasses a multiplicity of rare, in some cases neverbefore seen exhibits from the fields of design, architecture, art, film and photography. At the same time, it confronts the Bauhaus design with current debates and tendencies in design and with the works of contemporary designers, artists and architects. In this way, The Bauhaus #itsalldesign reveals the surprising present-day relevance of a legendary cultural institution.

Vernissage : Wednesday 15.03.17 > 7pm
Rerserve before 12.03.17 >