Support, promotion and development of the fashion and design industries does not stop at the Belgian border and even less so at the borders of the Brussels-Capital Region. That is why MAD Brussels is always on hand to help Brussels-based designers with their cross-border activities.
Likewise, MAD Brussels is the preferred partner for all economic stakeholders wishing to operate in the Brussels-Capital Region.

  • Economic development:

As an expertise and support centre for stakeholders in the fashion and design sectors, MAD Brussels coordinates aid and initiatives for the local and international economic development of Brussels designers.
MAD Brussels works closely with Brussels Invest & Export, coordinating the organisation of local and international activities aimed at promoting Brussels designers (export grants, international trade shows, showrooms, invitations to editors and buyers, and so on).
Forward – the label established by MAD Brussels and BIE.

  • International programming and promotion:

The Centre facilitates the organisation of international fashion or design events that are considering Brussels as a venue.
MAD Brussels schedules and organises indoor and outdoor events in Belgium and abroad.


Fashion & Design
By MAD Brussels & Brussels Invest & Export 

In the heart of Europe, in between Paris, Amsterdam, London and Frankfurt, Brussels is recognised to have a benchmark status in many areas. Fashion and Design are two of them.
Belgian fashion boasts big names that have rewritten the rules and renewed the sector, but Brussels fashion has definitely acquired its own specific recognition by breaking free from its parentage while still vibrating with this exceptional DNA.
Brussels design also boasts big names, which can be found in all activity sectors, both - creative - industry sectors and others. Brussels is recognised for its innovative and renewal capacity and for proposing solutions without moving away from the concrete and contextual realities.
Each and every one of these big names in Brussels fashion and design, as well as the up-and-coming creators, propose their visions, in the chaos and turmoil of an extensive worldwide offer that takes on many shapes.
FORWARD is a label to promote Brussels creations worthy of international renown, pledges of quality and innovation.
… Further. Faster. Stronger.
No roundabouts, focussing on quality, made in Brussels…
For MAD Brussels, the Brussels Fashion and Design Centre, recognised and emulated by its peers, and for Brussels Invest & Export, whose actions to promote the Brussels economy beyond our borders need no further proof, the creation of FORWARD to value the creators and designers is a due tribute to their creativity, knowhow and apt solutions.
MAD Brussels and Brussels Invest & Export invite you to look at what FORWARD offers you. Like a signal, FORWARD will be a beacon of quality and innovation and Brussels' uniqueness in the tumult of propositions and events across the globe from season to season. Through FORWARD, you can meet a select group of Brussels creators and designers. These Brussels' finest propose hard work and rewritten rules, competitive quality and prices, innovation couched in reality, etc.
Let yourself be moved and travel faster: FORWARD will be your guide.
Anaïs Lambert