neighbourhood contract
Play Bike ©Julien Hayard
Vivaqua fountains ©Pauline Miko
Fresco Bravvo ©Pauline Miko

The designers that work in the MAD in Situ studios commit to spending 50% of their time on projects for social and societal innovation. This means that they work on projects designed to improve the quality of life of as many people as possible.
MAD in Situ’s objective is to position the creative industry as a source for developing new ideas, new approaches and new services for new fields such as eco design, waste reduction, reducing food waste, sustainable mobility, sustainable food, improving security, helping the elderly, promoting social cohesion and any other matters that relate to living together as a society. The ultimate goal is to develop entrepreneurship and social economy in the long term.
MAD in Situ also organises workshops and international exchanges with international design centres.

Examples of social innovation projects developed within MAD in Situ
Play Bike
As part of the MAD Bike event, which MAD Brussels organises, the MAD in Situ studios coached and supervised the Chicago community association as they searched for designers to develop a bike/tool to promote social cohesion. The selected designer created a bike picnic/game/Monopoly game to ask neighbourhood children about the problems they encountered in the streets of their neighbourhood. This playful approach facilitated the discussion of problems of insecurity.
Project designer: Aurélie Brunet
Vivaqua fountains
Vivaqua contacted Mad in Situ to develop an innovative project to offer access to drinking water in the city with mobile public water fountains which could be mounted on fire hydrants. The project consisted of designing and developing a replicable model in Vivaqua’s technical workshops.
Currently Vivaqua uses three such fountains during public events (national holiday and so on).

Project designers: Jade Meneve, Thomas Billas, Jean Baptiste Goetgheluck
"Jardin aux Fleurs" neighbourhood contract
Under the “Flower Garden” sustainable neighbourhood contract (2012-2015), the Mad in Situ studios were tasked with designing Street Furniture for a specific neighbourhood over a four-year period. After working together with the neighbourhood residents and the future users of this street furniture, the designers created two giant planters for the community garden in rue du Grand Serment and a series of XXL benches and a shelter, to be installed in and around Square Jacques Brel.
After the roadworks are finished, these will be installed opposite the MAD Brussels building in the course of 2016.
Planter project designer: Damien Gernay, assisted by Luis Belenger, Thomas Vancraeynest, Thomas Billas and Marie Lecrivain.
Designer of the benches and the shelter: Lucile Soufflet assisted by Winnie Kwok, Marie Mervaillie, Candice Enderlé, Guillaume Lemmens, Julien Decroix, Gabriel Duru
Fresco to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Bravvo”
As part of the festivities for its tenth anniversary, the not-for-profit association Bravvo tasked MAD in Situ with the creation of a participatory fresco, which gave the association’s employees the change to weigh in and share their feelings about their daily work within the association.

Project designers: Gael Ides, Martin Paquot
Safe in the city
MAD in Situ was contacted by the partner association Bravvo and tasked with developing a series of short films to raise awareness about security and prevention. Bravvo and Mad in Situ teamed up with the City of Brussels, the District of Ixelles, the Brussels-Capital police zone, the Brussels Hotels Association and key stakeholders in the Brussels tourism industry for this project. Four silent films starring a character during the key moments of a trip were made, in order to raise people’s awareness about how to prevent and respond to pickpocketing. These films are currently being shown in Brussels hotels, in stations, in airports all over Belgium and in Place Flagey.

Project designers: Nicolas Verdonck and Amaury de Villepin.
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