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MAD@work, Mad Brussels’ job centre, is a unique platform in its field that works with all types of professional agents from the fashion and design sectors to foster employment at the core of its subsidiary companies and assist them in the search for skills.
Our missions are essentially to inform, raise awareness and encourage the aforementioned professionals to enter into contact with the following, via our services:
  • Potential employers in these sectors (helping to define the required profile, information on employment plans, web page dedicated to their job offers and internships).
  • Job seekers (group information meetings, one-to-one guidance sessions, personal employment coaching).
  • Future graduates leaving Brussels’ creative colleges (group information meetings at colleges, award ceremony portfolios for the end of year presentations, advice on what steps to take with regards to their future career). 
Our values are respect, originality and professionalism.
This project is developed in association with ACTIRIS

We offer a personalised service taking the time to meet with you face to face to better understand the realities of your field and the difficulties you face in finding the right staff.
We can help to define your desired profiles in terms of skills. We provide information on appropriate recruitment strategies or official internships that exist that might be relevant to you.
We can offer you a space on our website dedicated to your job and internship offers.
Thanks to our missions towards jobseekers and fashion and design students, we can place you in contact with highly competent and motivated individuals, who have just the specific skills you need - rare gems to come by. 

If you are a job seeker from Brussels and would like to work in the fashion or design industry, you’ve come to the right place! Our service is aimed towards both frontline professions (creative professions) and second-line professions (marketing, communication, etc.).
MAD@work has developed its own custom job coaching methodology to best suit your needs, using a formula of up to 10 weekly, one-hour-long job coaching sessions, including one or two group workshops per quarter.  
These job-coaching sessions are an invitation to reflect on your professional career based on your academic background, your experience, your skills assessment and your personal motivation.
We work on three essential stages simultaneously: your positioning (possible duties), your marketing tools (CV, covering letter, portfolio) and developing your strategy for seeking potential employers.
The aim is to give you independence and responsibility in actively seeking constructive employment. 

We visit most of the creative colleges in Brussels to hand out information about our group information sessions. Our challenge is to educate the best students on the reality of their future professional career, both in terms of the administrative steps to take and their entry into the working world. Our expertise, knowledge and resources in the fields of fashion and design are our biggest assets.
We encourage interaction with students by opening up lines of critical and reflexive thought about their work, providing them with the constructive keys to better position themselves on the employment market and optimise their personal marketing tools (cv, covering letter, portfolio) in order to prepare them as best as possible for their future job interviews. 
During these exchanges, we awaken them to the direction they would like to take their career in. We focus on their motivations, their own personal aspirations, questioning their long and mid-term aims in order to make sense of their short-term decisions.
Giuseppina Andolina - Coordinator
Caroline Van de Velde - Job expert
Sophie Heymans - Job expert