Mode Parcours 15 ©Pauline Miko
Showroom 14 ©Pauline Miko
La Bonne Nouvelle ©Pauline Miko
Nuit Blanche ©Maël G. Lagadec
MAD Brussels’s programme aims to be inclusive, and is dedicated to the industries of fashion, design, graphic design...
We want to think outside the box and innovate, promote the avant-gardism of Belgian design culture, both at a local and international level.
Our objective is to offer the best of Belgian design to a large national and international audience!
This means MAD Brussels organises a wide array of activities in relation to fashion and design aimed at professionals (buyers, press) and non-professionals (of all ages).
  • Events in public spaces
  • exhibitions
  • seminars
  • workshops
  • classes
  • traineeships
  • work placements
  • awards
  • trade shows
  • various interdisciplinary artistic interventions
  • designer sales
  • pop-up stors
  • international conferences and meetings
  • platform and debates
  • follow-up and coaching of national and international residencies           
At MAD Brussels, we experiment, we take risks and we create experiences to help the creative industries evolve towards the processes of tomorrow.
The Programming team also facilitates various encounters between the world of design and children: 
  • Awakening children’s natural creativity in close partnership with their parents;
  • A documentation centre with a reading room, with reference works about fashion and design, which are made available to the public, to professionals and fashion and design students;
  • Educational events about the creative industries (fashion and design classes, cultural debates, artistic expression in schools);
  • Seminars which reflect on the education of the future in fashion and design in order to ensure that the skills of tomorrow’s professionals match market needs.

Esther Beck - Director

Lenie Steels - Event Manager