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Triaxes Service
Triaxes Service
Triaxes Service
Triaxes Service

The TRIAXES service of MAD Brussels is all about preparation; it is a launchpad guided by three connected sets of skills. TRIAXES and MAD Brussels offer this collaborative service to Brussels-based industrial project managers and fashion designers (TRIAXEmod).
TRIAXES is a novel way of working which consists of forming teams of three experts.
The distinctive feature of this service lies in joining forces as pluridisciplinary teams working together in the lead-up to the development of a product or a design. This significantly shortens the development time and avoids taking steps backwards, which are intrinsic to the traditional culture of working alone on creating a product. 
This service is primarily geared towards SMEs, spin-offs and freelancers in the Brussels-Capital Region with a VAT number.

For the development of products in the design industry, a TRIAXESpro (product) team brings together three experts, namely an engineer, a business developer and an industrial designer. They work together on the development of an industrial product to be mass-produced.

In the fashion industry, a TRIAXESmod (fashion) team brings together three experts, namely a business developer, a sourcing and production specialist and an international sales professional. They will combine their skills based on a requirement from a Brussels fashion designer, for three whole seasons.
The TRIAXESmod and TRIAXESpro professional experts, whose skills are provided to project managers and designers, all work under the TRIAXESlab label, a mark of the quality of their  skills,  methods and the professionalism of their services.  

Finally, TRIAXESens (education) was developed to combine these three skills towards the end of a Master’s programme in order to prepare future entrepreneurs for working together in the lead-up to a creative project or development of a product. This approach then becomes a reflex, which is beneficial for everyone.

In conclusion, the MAD  TRIAXES programme is geared towards two types of activities: providing support for product development with TRIAXESpro, support for fashion design with TRIAXESmod, while preparing and promoting the label of teams of professional experts through TRIAXESlab and training trios of students to work together in a pluridsciplinary team under TRIAXESens.
With the support of the ERDF, the Brussels-Capital Region and Innoviris.


Evelyne Morlot
TRIAXES Project Manager

Jean Paternotte
TRIAXES Senior Project Manager

Domobios is a recently established company, which has developed a kit that eliminates dust mites (called Acar’up) without the use of chemical pesticides. In this framework, the TRIAXESpro project helped Domobios to develop the Acar’bag anti-dust mite bag. This filters mites on soft toys with electronic parts, which cannot be machine-washed. The bag helps to efficiently reduce the number of dust mites in a child’s environment, thereby reducing the number of droppings, which are an allergen.
TRIAXESpro also helped a company called Medatec, which supplies electronic monitoring systems to patients with sleep disorders. After a complete analysis of the ecosystem of the product’s lifecycle and scenarios for the usage of the device by all the stakeholders, TRIAXESpro suggested developing a protective shell for the device, as well as a new alternative harness and a new type of connector.
You Know Watt, along with the TRIAXESpro team of experts, fine-tuned the proper use of a device that measures energy consumption from one single point of installation (a meter or panel). This process, which is similar to voice-recognition techniques, opens up perspectives for controlling energy consumption in real time as well as preventing the wear and tear of appliances in companies or in private homes.
Philippe Lefrancq and Frédéric Mertens used to work for the same bank before establishing their start-up Ahooga. Ahooga is currently developing an ultra-light electric folding bike (the lightest bike on the market). The TRIAXESpro service from MAD will allow Ahooga to also concentrate on the development of a flexible and lightweight bike lock in an ultra-resistant intelligent textile.