Workshops & residencies

Workshops & residencies
Marie Herlin ©Pauline Miko
Workshops & residencies
Pierre Emmanuel Vandeputte ©Pauline Miko
Workshops & residencies
Treelogy Collective ©Pauline Miko
Workshops & residencies
Velofabrik © Pauline Miko

Mad in Situ are the designer studios for social and societal innovation of MAD Brussels in the Anneeesens neighbourhood in the centre of Brussels.
MAD in Situ is an 800-sq.m. space with six shared studios, where 10 to 20 designers can work, as well as a ground floor area for production purposes and a multi-purpose space.
These studios can be shared or rented as a whole. The designers may occupy the space for one year, and the contract is renewable for another year.
The selected residents come from different design disciplines, including urban design, textile design, industrial design, graphic design, service design, food design, print design and so on. They can be self-taught or project managers in social and societal innovation, producing goods or services.
MAD in Situ, above all, wants to be a tool for designers:

  • To create cross-pollination between design and innovation and promote a creative dynamic between the residents.
  • Through the follow-up by the coordinating team of MAD in Situ and the option of using all the tools of MAD Brussels.
  • This allows the resident designers to become more professional, either by developing their own projects and/or by working on the many design commissions for social and societal innovation of MAD in Situ.
  • Designers can also take advantage of a coaching and awareness programme about entrepreneurship.
  • Designers can use the teachings of the coaching programme in the projects and commissions they receive through MAD in Situ.
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Designers in residence 2016 – 2017    

Collectif Arko
Pierre Emmanuel Vandeputte
Studio Alvin
Alice Conquand
LUC-Laboratoire d’usages collaboratifs
Filip Verbraken
Levi Dethier
Morgane Hallé
Collectif Treelogy

Want to become a resident at MAD in Situ?
Applications are welcome throughout the year.
Olivier Gilson
+32 (0)477 37 95 80
+32 (0)2 880 01 17 

MAD in Situ - Innovation lab for Social Design
Rue du Vautour, 4
1000 Bruxelles