At MAD we are convinced that the creative talents behind fashion and design can create jobs and growth in Brussels, can help to solve the numerous urban challenges we are confronted with, can rejuvenate traditional industries.

Purpose of MAD is to deliver results to fashion and design creators with a positive economical and social impact on Brussels and its inhabitants. Each MAD team member cooperate with designers and creators with generosity to help them growing their business. Their mission is to mobilize the creative energy for growth and job creation in Brussels.

Funded by public sector, the MAD has also for mission to promote Brussels locally and globally as a creative hub where "created in Brussels" becomes a label of innovative and conscious design. Each day they demonstrate that creative industries are a growth motor. They help to develop a socially engaged and collaborative design approach, back to the source of modern design, where objects are more than aesthetic but solving societal issues. 

The MAD LAB is at the cornerstone of this objective.

The MAD Platform is located in the heart of Brussels and ensures the promotion of design and fashion, and is the link between business owners and creative talents creating a better future for Brussels and its inhabitants. Various qualitative exhibitions ensure public and future designers are confronted with the most innovative and conscious design.

Welcome to the MAD, created in Brussels