On the 20th of April 2017 MAD opened its doors at 10 Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains, in the heart of the Dansaert district. The building, combining architectural grandeur and aesthetic finesse, is a brilliant response to MAD’s ambitions: to become the key meeting place for Fashion and Design professionals in Brussels.

The building’s ground floor is dedicated to public sphere (exhibitions, seminars, events, etc.), while the upper floors host multi-purpose workspaces to give free rein to creativity. The centre is also a tool to revitalize a district in the full swing of transformation.

The architects’ association Vers plus de bien-être V+ and designers from Rotor won the jury’s approval with a strong and simple concept: instead of demolishing the previous building, the team chose to enhance the existing structure.

Its shapes have been preserved and embellished, while demolitions were rarely carried out with surgical precision. The interior finishes – all based around the colour white – imaginatively combine a wide variety of materials, textures and eclectic patterns. Paradoxically, it’s the accumulation of heterogeneous white elements that creates a sense of harmony throughout the different rooms. Created in such a way, the spaces play on “white cube” codes without giving off an aseptic atmosphere. 

The interior furniture design (selected by Kelly Claessens from La Fabrika) reflects the richness of Brussels and Belgian design with a focus on local manufacturing, where possible. Notably, we can find pieces by Sylvain Willenz, Alain Berteau or even Jean-François D’Or... 

Brussels creativity is also highlighted in the building’s signage, conceived by the Brussels studio Pam&Jenny. The ambition is to turn this building into a home for all Brussels-based Fashion and Design professionals: a centre for information, exchange and emulation.