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08.07 to 09.07


3 times a year, MAD connects young and established designers from the fashion & design industry with professionals in ASK THE EXPERT. Always wanted to know how to maintain your customer contacts? Want to improve your Eshop? Grab your chance and ask an expert!

We kick off the first edition of ASK THE EXPERT within the SALES domain. These experts are ready to answer all your questions.


Meet the experts!

Gilles GrosjeanFounder at Bertelles

For over 10 years, Gilles has been advising entrepreneurs and SMEs on their development strategy. Coming from a financial background with a passion for Branding, Marketing & sales Gilles has a proven record of achieving significant business results.  He worked for a wide variety of sectors but his heart lies mostly within the fashion, clothing and textile industries. 

Stéphanie EscouflaireFounder at Stelaire.

Stéphanie is Shopify partner,  Ecommerce and Digital Strategy Expert with a passion for marketing & sales. She coaches her clients with the aim of empowering them and contributing to their success.


Who can participate?


Designers from the fashion and design sector based in Brussels with an existing fashion or design brand. 


How to participate?

  1. Choose an expert you wish to book an appointment with. It is allowed to book 1 appointment with each expert. However, it is not allowed to book multiple appointments with the same expert.

  2. Fill out THIS FORM if you wish to book an appointment with Gilles Grosjean.
  3. Fill out THIS FORM if you wish to book an appointment with Stéphanie Escouflaire.
  4. In the form you immediately indicate the day and hour of your appointment with the expert. By submitting the form your appointment is immediately booked in the system.

  5. Depending on your choice you will have an appointment with the expert at the chosen day and time either physically at MAD or online.

  6. We will send you a reminder the day before your appointment.



If you have any questions, please contact our Business Advisor Peggy Acke:

Wish to know more ?

Contact Peggy Peggy Acke Business Advisor +32 2 880 85 65