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With Astrid Lefèvre & Julie van Craen

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28.09 to 29.09


We know that designers would much rather create, and sit back to watch the sales come in, but in reality small business owners are also managing the distribution, wholesale and online retail of their brand. 

Retail & Wholesale seems to have become especially difficult after the C19 crisis, yet physical salespoints remain very important when it comes to turnover and visibility. A lot of designers and creatives are lost when it comes to finding a retailer, sales agent, showroom or distributor. 

3 times a year, MAD connects young and established designers from the fashion & design industry with experts in Ask the Expert. Need support in the field of retail? How do I set my pricing? What documents do I need? How do I contact a buyer? During which trade shows should I expose? Grab your chance and ask our experts!



Astrid Lefèvre — Sales Business International Development and Podcast Host: We Love Belgian Brands [Fashion Expert]

With more than 20 years of professional experience in fashion (wholesale/retail), a background in digital and a very hands-on approach to the business, Astrid Lefèvre launched We Love Belgian Brands - WLBB - in Antwerp to support the growth of Belgian designers. Since her debut in 2020 as an entrepreneur, Astrid has successfully supported more than ten brands: Collectors Club, Sarah de Saint Hubert, Lien Mertens, NDC, Kaai Bags, Les Vraies Filles, Max et Lola, Kunoka, Ludovic Lunetier, Doriane Van Overeem....

In addition, We Love Belgian Brands is also the first podcast about Belgian fashion since June 2022. With this podcast, Astrid gives the microphone to all the actors of the sector (designer, agent, commercial director, journalist, buyer) in Dutch and French. Astrid Lefèvre is a 39 year old Frenchwoman, who has been living in Antwerp for almost 15 years. She is the mother of two children and is enthusiastic about the creative wealth of Belgium, both in French and in Dutch.


Julie van Craen — Co-owner of Van Craen Design agency [Design Expert]

She joined her parents’ interior company in 1997 with her sister Elise. They were pioneers in the import of design furniture to Belgium and passed on their love for design to their daughters. The sisters have been distributing furniture, textiles and lighting for almost twenty years as (J&E) Van Craen. With the original values of the company in mind, Julie and interior architect Elise are always looking for design labels that are passionate about their products. Sustainability, singularity and a human approach are their guidelines.

Their brands fit perfectly within the story Van Craen wants to tell. That is: that an interior is a reflection of yourself, not something ready-made. All of Van Craen’s brands have a strong personality and focus on the creation of distinctive design objects. Van Craen concentrates on the professional market, but as an end-consumer you are more than welcome to contact them for further information.



Designers from the fashion and design sector based in Brussels with an existing fashion or design brand. 



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