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Platform for Belgian creatives

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Thursday & Friday 1-6pm - Saturday 12-6pm

Platform for Belgian creatives.
Bringing their fascinating work to be seen.
The focus is on unique items and limited series.
The monumental form and aesthetics are given priority over functionality.
Experiments with materials and techniques that lead to objects that surprises and moves.
We are happy sharing these upcoming talents who are proud to be Belgian…

Participants 2020: Amorce studio, Studio Biskt, Ana Maria Gomez, atelier La Gadoue, VORMEN, Emma Terweduwe, Louis Tardy, Bloe Van Eeckhout , Hartwerp, Tim Somers

Date event : 18-09 > 18-11

Opening hours: Thursday & Friday 1-6pm - Saturday 12-6pm

Vernissage: 19/09 : 2pm-8pm & 20/09 : 2pm-6pm

More information about  B.collective can be found here

  © La Gadoue Atelier
  © Amorce
  © Emma Terweduwe
  © AMGS Alexandra Colmenares

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