Chequita Nahar

A creative lunch & talk with jewelry designer Chequita Nahar

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'Creative Lunch' is designed to present creative minds from the fashion and design industry and their career, going from their professional experience to inspiring tips for young creatives.

Have a lunch and share an inspiring moment with Chequita Nahar in our MAD Café. This creative lunch is organized as part of the Brussels Jewellery Week. The main exhibition In Fieri at MAD Brussels features 127 pieces of contemporary jewelry by 51 designers from 22 different countries. 



Chequita Nahar — Jewelry designer

Chequita Nahar, born in Surinam lives and works in Maastricht the Netherlands. She studied jewellery design at the Maastricht Institute of Arts and completed her study with a Master at the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam (Rietveld Academy). She worked as one of the designers for L’Arcano, a silver brand based in Rome on collections for fashion brands such as Alberta Ferretti and BORN. Her work is part of museum collections such as the Rijksmuseum, Museum Arnhem, Textile Museum, CODA, Gallery Marzee, Alice and Louis Koch ring collection and other private collections. Currently she is the Head of programme of the departments Fine Art and Design (body, object, material).

Her jewelry is inspired by the Surinam culture, its traditions and the connection with the European culture or intercultural themes. Jewelry where shapes are inspired by traditions, new customs and stories are embedded. Reflection of globalization, a fusion of divers’ influences and cultures on a homogeneous and symbolic way. Clearly of a maker who grew up between two cultures. Going back to the roots of jewelry, bearer of magical powers and symbols. Where certain materials and shapes have an important role. Ethnic influences dictate and inspire the used form language without them being folkloristic and traditional.



  • Friday 6 May 2022
  • Doors 12:00 - Start: 12:30 - End: 14:00
  • Free entry 
  • Food provided by POP-POT
  • Language: English (Q&A in English, French and Dutch)
  • Address: MAD, Home of Creators (Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10 - Nieuwe Graanmarkt 10, 1000 Brussels).
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