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E-commerce: how to increase your sales in North America?

Online workshops

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E-commerce: how to increase your sales in North America?

Is your company active in the food, fashion, accessories or design sectors? Don’t miss the series of online workshops, organized by hub.brusselsdedicated to optimising your e-commerce sales in the United States and Canada.

Consumer behaviour changes from year to year and online purchases are taking an increasingly important place in their shopping habits. This trend is even stronger in North America than here, especially in the United States. As such, brands and fashion and accessories retailers have no other choice but to ensure that this new buyer profile can access them online!

COVID-19 has reinforced this trend further for food. Online sales are exploding. More and more people are avoiding going to the supermarket and are purchasing their groceries online.

These new distribution channels are an opportunity for you!

Get trained in under 5 hours by a local expert through 3 online workshops!

In this series of workshops in three sessions, an expert will guide you, step by step, through 3 topics specifically focused on the North American market:

  • 20/11: How to Plan and succeed your e-commerce business (understanding your competitors, pricing, demand)
  • 24/11: How to Build your e-commerce business (key components, tools, payment options)
  • 26/11: How to Grow your e-commerce (digital marketing, traffic, SEO, social media).


Here you can register for the workshops.

More information can be found on the website of

Practical information:

Our expert: Alaa Hassan, from “E-Commerce Training Academy”, has long-running experience in e-commerce and is an excellent coach.

  • Language: the workshops will be conducted in English (and if needed, in French to answer questions and go further in depth with certain topics, or clarify grey areas)
  • We recommend, if possible, signing up two people per company. Ideally, a sales/marketing manager accompanied by an employee with a technology/social networking background.
  • After the training, you will have the option of speaking with our expert for an hour to cover more confidential topics and complete your training in a more personalised way.
  • Paid workshops

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