By Thijs Demeulemeester


Why do people collect? Do they do it for beauty, image, money? Or purely out of passion? Why would you want to surround yourself with artworks or furniture that you could just as easily view in a gallery, museum or book? When does a series of artworks become a collection? And how do you get 'collectionitis', that contagious urge to want to buy art objects?

On Wednesday 9 November, the book 'Homes for Collectors' will be presented at MAD Brussels. This successor to the successful 'Homes for Nomads' once again offers tons of inspiration to anyone who loves beautiful interiors full of collectables. Author Thijs Demeulemeester talks to two collectors from the book about their collection of contemporary art and design. An inspiring evening for interior lovers!



  • Wednesday 9 November
  • Start: 19h
  • Language: Dutch 
  • Location: MAD, Home of Creators, Nieuwe Graanmarkt 10, Brussel
  • Duo ticket price: €35. This includes an entrance ticket for 2 people, including the book 'Homes for Collectors' and a goodie bag per duo.
  • You can purchase an additional book on the evening itself, if desired.
Cover of the book
Kenneth Ramaekers
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