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Inside Stories #14 | Live talk by BBall in the sky

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16:00 - 17:00 Livestreaming on Facebook MAD, Home of Creators

Inside Stories, a series of live talks by 19 actors of change, selected by MAD, Home of Creators.

Join us online for #14 w/ Bball in the sky by Mehdi Kerroubi on 12.08 at 16:00 via Facebook livestream (French).

MAD Windows: Inside Stories

The 'MAD Windows' is a place for sharing experiences, know-how and interactions. For Inside Stories, we selected 19 actors of change, professionals acting and reflecting on pressing issues of our society in transition through their design- and other creative skills. Via a series of livestream sessions, they'll share their stories, know-how and insights through a talk or workshop.

Talk 'The outdoor basketball courts of tomorrow'

Starting from the point that the outdoor basketball courts and widely the outdoor sport courts are a part of the urban (territorial) heritage, this workshop has the ambition to attempt to approach the following elements: the function of outdoor basketball court and widely an outdoor sport court regarding the urbanistic and environmental dynamic, its design, its social function and particularly its impact on the construction of an occupational community.

This workshop has the ambition to gather experts from different fields: designers, basketball players, (social and sport) activists, architects, urbanists, politicians and experts.

This workshop will be a good opportunity to present the popup basketball court decorated with an artistic work that we’ll set up during this summer 2020 on “la place Nouveau Marché aux Grains”, the square located in front of the window of Mad Brussels, and the bench “Bball in the sky” designed by Patrick Agostinho who is an interior designer who get his degree from St Luc.

About Mehdi Kerroubi

“I’m Belgian with an Algerian and Turkish background. I’m living in Brussels and I grew up in the popular districts of Brussels notably in “the 5 blocks”, the area next to MAD home of creators. I have a MA in political sciences and a PhD in Management. My passions are basketball and scientific researches. The Bball in the sky project consists to set up sport courts decorated with artistic works in original areas. This project goes beyond sport. We attempt to build a community.”

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