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Inside Stories #17 | Talk by Ester Manas

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16:00 - 17:00 Livestreaming on Facebook MAD, Home of Creators

Inside Stories, a series of live talks by 19 actors of change, selected by MAD, Home of Creators.
Join us online for #17 w/ ESTER MANAS by Ester Manas & Balthazar Delepierre on 22.09 at 16:00 via Facebook livestream (French).

MAD Windows: Inside Stories

The 'MAD Windows' is a place for sharing experiences, know-how and interactions. For Inside Stories, we selected 19 actors of change, professionals acting and reflecting on pressing issues of our society in transition through their design- and other creative skills. Via a series of livestream sessions, they'll share their stories, know-how and insights through a talk or workshop.

Talk 'Sustainable and inclusive creative work'

"Une présentation de notre travail de création de collections inclusives et responsables, en retraçant notre parcours, notre process créatif et la création notre marque. Nous expliquerons comment nous sourcons nos matières, comment nous dessinons des pièces en taille unique, le travail que nous avons avec nos mannequins et le business plan responsable de la marque."

About Ester Manas

Our brand is sustainable, inclusive, and independent (self-funded). The sentence that is often used to describe our brand is: «One Size Fits All». We have been creating « one-size » clothing since the beginning of our brand. However, this only describes the form. When it comes to content, our brand offers a sensual and functional universe. A smart outfit that supports women and their shapes, who reassures them, makes them strong, powerful and attractive. At Ester Manas, we design for proud, courageous women with a touch of humour and poetry. Our garments enhance women’s shapes but never hide the body, they celebrate it.
Our brand is french and the design studio is based in Brussels. We’re producing our creations in a socio-professional reinsertion workshop based in Brussels (located 20 minutes away from our studio). When we started the brand it seemed logical to us to think about the best way to produce it. In addition to ensuring an incredible work ethic and an impeccable respect for humans, the workshop guarantees responsible production. They have no minimum quantity, so we never produce at loss and have no waste.

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