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MAD Windows | Façon Jacmin

Nieuwe Graanmarkt 10
1000 Brussel
Mon - Fri
11:00 - 18:00
Special Opening
30 - 31.03 / 11:00 - 18:00
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FAÇON JACMIN markets an authentic clothes collection made completely from Japanese denim and manufactured by European denim specialists. Japanese denim is known around the world as the highest quality denim. The epitome of expert craftsmanship, it is woven in the traditional way in Okayama.

“Façon”, the French word for “manner” is at the root of the French word for craftsman, “façonnier”. FAÇON JACMIN emphasises the art of the craft.

The Belgian fashion brand is proud to break through the limitations of fashion by refining and diversifying denim. As well as a full denim wardrobe, FAÇON JACMIN presents an artisan capsule collection. This comprises unique, creative pieces made out of recycled jeans. These are handmade by a small team in the Paris studio. 

With its artisan collection, the denim label wishes to focus on upcycling old jeans, while also highlighting handmade production in the fashion industry. The aim of the pop-up denim studio in the MAD window is to give attention to this traditional process. It is a mirror of the new denim workshop in Antwerp, which wants to return to denim craftsmanship. Both spaces are open to the public, giving visitors insight into the various stages in the process of creating handmade pieces. 

The first collaboration will also be presented in the MAD window. FAÇON JACMIN and Brussels designer Gioia Seghers join forces to create a mini-collection for kids made from recycled jeans: a kimono body for the under 2s, and a cardigan and shirt for kids aged 6 months to 4 years. This collection expresses the values of both designers. Handwork ‘that takes time’, use of recycled materials and transparency in the process. 


FAÇON JACMIN aims to collect as much old denim trousers as possible with their ‘Denim Collect’ action: Leave your old denim jeans at our studio in Brussels/ Antwerp /MAD and receive a reduction of 15€ with your next purchase of FAÇON JACMIN. The collected denim will be processed in capsule collections consisting of unique artisanal pieces and accessories.
With their artisanal collection, the denim label wants to focus on upcycling old denim while putting the craftwork of such pieces in the spotligtht. The denim brand wants to be fully transparent while giving the participants the possibility to have a look at all the phases they go through while creating an artisanal piece.