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Resortecs x Studio WDN

Showcase installation

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24.09 to 14.11
From Thursday to Sunday
11:00 - 18:00

Two years ago, the Brussels-based start-up Resortecs® settled as resident in the MAD Brussels Atelier. Resortecs® develops technologies for smart disassembly, sorting and recycling of textiles at industrial scale. Founded by Cédric Vanhoeck and Vanessa Counaert, the company wants to promote full circularity in the fashion industry without loss of quality. 

Before garments can be recycled, zips, buttons and labels must be removed manually. This labour-intensive work is costly and slow. Resortecs® has developed stitching threads that melt at temperatures between 150°C and 200°C, making dismantling five times faster. You simply heat up the clothing to make the seams disappear. This allows textile products to be disassembled at industrial scale in ovens that can heat and sort 1,500 garments per hour. Resortecs® recently raised almost 1 million euros for the construction of its first disassembly oven.

The work and research of Resortecs® is displayed in a showcase project designed by Caroline Wolewinski and Sandro Della Noce of Studio WDN. The installation can be seen in the MAD showcase (entrance along the Papenvest) from the 24th of September until the 14th of November.

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