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Talk#1 Fashion is timeless: How to design for longevity?

An online talk with Mette-Julie Bundgaard Nielsen

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12:30 - Online talk

Fashion is timeless : How to design for longevity ?

An online talk with Mette-Julie Bundgaard Nielsen

Copenhagen-based designer Mette-Julie Bundgaard Nielsen has been interested in designing sustainably ever since she first launched her label in 2009. At the start, her research mostly involved a reappreciation of craftsmanship and tailoring: how could those traditional techniques be adapted to a modern context? She soon specialized in longevity. After all, sustainable production has little effect if the garment isn’t reworn. How can a designer influence the wearability of a garment? That question remains at the heart of her design practice. 

This online talk is over, you can watch the replay here!

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