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Webinar #1 | How can you turn a crisis into an opportunity?

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There's a lot of talk of the current situation being the perfect timing for reimagining your life, your business and your future. But how can you do that when the news changes everyday and when no one really knows what tomorrow will bring? How can you use your sense of purpose, your values and your creativity to weather this storm and come out strong?

The webinar will be in English
Q&A in French and Dutch 

35 places - first come first served

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About Senta Slingerland 
Senta Slingerland is the Founder of City.Shapers, a company that brings together creative people shaping our cities, with those wanting to have meaningful impact on culture, as well a Co-founder of inVisible Creatives, a platform that showcases and promotes underrepresented talent in the communication industry. Originally from Brussels, she lives in London where her clients include Accenture Interactive, Metro, adidas, Tech Open Air, Serviceplan, Cannes Lions, Mesa and This Is Beyond. She's the former Director of Brand Strategy for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

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