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Webinar #10 | Developing a Business Idea

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11:00 - 12:00


  • Harold Grondel (Solvay Business School) Business developper 
  • Justin Lalieux : (Designer X)  Industrial Designer and business coach
  • Peggy Acke (MAD, Home of Creators) Business Advisor

You may have the best product idea and/or development plan, this doesn’t mean you have a business. In this first webinar, we will emphasize the key topics an entrepreneur needs to tackle to go from a user experience to a customer delight and thus business success : product market fit, financing, go to market, business model and pricing strategies, proof of business/validation and above all, having a plan. Using these topics anyone should have a clear map of where he's at and what he needs to achieve / needs help with in order to grow and succeed.

About Harold Grondel (Solvay Business School '98): he started his career structuring an international group of SME's in the entertainment technology. Since then he fell in love with the link between technology, design and business and created several ventures. In his latest project, an Internet of Things agency, he helped his customers develop their connected products while validating their business. He is currently working on a broadscale alliance to dramatically diminish the plastic usage in the CPG.

The webinar will be in English 
Q&A NL / EN / FR

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