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WEBINAR #12 | Collaboration Can Help You Grow Your Business

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Collaboration is a powerful tool for all small business owners, regardless of the industry you are in or the type of business you have. 

Teaming up with other entrepreneurs will not only lower your costs, it will inspire you and it’s fun.

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  • Judicaël Cornu : Industrial Designer
  • Justin Lalieux : (Designer X)  Industrial Designer and business coach
  • Peggy Acke (Mad, Home of Creators): Business Advisor

Bio Judicaël :
Judicaël Cornu started working as an industrial designer by joining the design team of Tupperware Brands in 2008. After four years of collaboration within the industry he set up his own office in Brussels to increase the diversity of projects through working with different brands such as Michelin, Sunrise, E2 drive, Mobitec, Muselaabs...  He now creates more collaborations with other designers and engineers to enable cross fertilization in projects and believes in a collective approach to bring relevant answers in today's product-development field.

The webinar will be held in English.

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Picture: Miko Miko Studio


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