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Webinar #5 | Price calculation in times of crisis for fashion goods

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With shops being closed for over 6 weeks, you might be thinking of giving huge discounts to get rid of your stock. This might not be the best idea as you need to sustain value to survive the crisis. But you must also stay flexible and creative to support customers in these times. In this session we will share some do’s and don’ts  to help you applying the right price strategy for fashion goods and apparel.


  • Cathy Becq (PAST TO FUTURE) - Strategic facilitator and business coach
  • Raïssa Verhaeghe (RAVER) - Brand strategist for Luxury and Creative Industries 
  • Peggy Acke (MAD - Home of Creators) - Business Advisor

The webinar will be held in English
Q&A NL / EN / FR

Registration here 
Max 35 places 

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