Belgium is design | Milan Design Week 2022

Promoting Belgian design talents internationally and connecting design professionals at key events and B2B meetings, from Brussels to Milan.

25 May 2022

After two disrupted editions, the highly anticipated Design Week will be held from 6 to 12 June 2022. MAD Brussels will support the dynamism of the Belgian design scene with 3 projects in the framework of Belgium is Design. 

For more than twenty years, SaloneSatellite has been the launch pad for young international design talent: a vital artery of the Milan International Furniture Fair and a must-see event for talent scouts, journalists and visionary industrialists. With its theme “Designing for our future selves/Progettare per i nostri domani”, the fair invites a reflection on inclusive design or how to promote autonomy and comfort as well as movement, ease of use and safety for all.

This year, for the 60th anniversary of the Salone del Mobile, we will present the projects of young designers in a Belgium is Design collective booth  with the aim of giving continuity and coherence to a project to promote and support design for people under 35.

The selection of 13 Belgian designers made by COSMIT consists of a varied sample of talents at the stage of their first experience or who have already participated in previous editions.

These 13 studios explore the opportunities between science, technology and art as well as the combination between industrial processes and craftsmanship. Through assembling old and experimental methods the designers shape new objects in a variety of geometric shapes and diverse uses.

  © Kaatje Verschoren
  © Kaatje Verschoren
PICO BELLO — Alice Emery


Alice Emery is an industrial designer and cabinetmaker. She grew up in Paris and trained in Tournai (B) and Brussels.

With the use of sustainable materials and the revaluation of different skills, craftsmanship is really highlighted through design. With her creations, she tries to combine craftsmanship and industrial processes. Creating knowing that the objects will last over time is necessary today.

WAITING SHELF — Amorce Studio


Amorce is a design studio created by Vincent Long and William Fournie in 2015.
Located in Brussels, the studio designs and produces objects, as well as urban and interior design.

Their work is inspired by artisanal techniques combined with contemporary materials. The designers create by merging their skills and expertise to ensure the follow-up of the project from the first drawing to the manufacturing.
Amorce tries to balance technique, creativity and simplicity in order to create functional, legible objects that the user can make his own. The studio also works on public development projects in order to make urban spaces more pleasant and to create a social connection.

COFFEE TABLE —Chanel Kapitanj

CHanel kaPitanj

Created in 2017, the studio is active in the field of Design and Metal work. It aims to create objects and projects for editors and clients: interior design as well as welding works.

Chanel Kapitanj’s desire to touch different materials, study them and see them take shape through different processes to create objects led her to study industrial design. Her fascination with metals and manual work also led her to study industrial metallurgy and welding.

BEETLE STOOL — Daan De Wit Studio

daan de wit studio

Daan de Wit (°1995) is an object and furniture designer. In 2018 he graduated in postgraduate furniture design after completing his bachelor’s degree in interior design in Brussels. Before opening his own studio in 2019, he gained experience in various architecture and design studios, such as Junya. Ishigami+associates in Tokyo.

In his studio he focuses on small collections of functional objects derived from a cross-pollinated mix of techniques and materials.

ORION — Alice Emery
GARY— Amorce Studio
COFFEE TABLE —Chanel Kapitanj
BEETLE STOOL — Daan De Wit Studio
VETRO — De Angelis Design

de angelis design

De Angelis Design is a multidisciplinary studio. Jimmy De Angelis creates according to his desires and has no limits. He has a great affinity with light but can also produce furniture or jewellery.

His style is light and generally composed of curves. With a strong technical background, he carries out all his projects himself.

De Angelis Design focuses on creating unique products. In this sense, the designer likes to propose pro- jects that are completely customisable in terms of both technique and implementation - which means that no two pieces are identical - or in terms of the material, which is always different from one piece to another. The studio navigates between art, science and technology.

GUARO — Elias Van Orshaegen

elias Van orsHaegen

ELIAS VAN ORSHAEGEN covers a variety of projects that range from designing and building interiors, furniture and scenography projects. Rooted in a hands-on investigation, he explores materials, tech- niques, waste streams and their uses.

Challenging our perceptions, his approach entails a thinking doing philosophy where intuition, atmos- phere, and the sensory qualities of materials are central.

HENGE — Fractall


FRACTALL was founded by ARNE DESMET. Inspired by patterns and textures found in nature and fasci- nated by man-made materials and production processes, the objects in Fractall’s collections appear both natural and industrial.

The studio’s aim is to embrace technological production processes, while adding a sense of humanity to it. Despite their sculptural appearance, each object is highly functional. Remnants of the production processes are often exposed, aiming to celebrate the materials in their pure form and the production processes that led to the creation of each object.

 STOOL TABLE — Olivier Vitry

oliVier VitrY Claisse arCHiteCtures

OLIVIER VITRY is an architect and administrator at CLAISSE ARCHITECTURES. In collaboration with his partners, he passionately develops architectural projects, with particular attention to the details that create or recreate unique spaces.

Olivier Vitry personally designs furniture with the same approach, both in the materials used and in the assemblies. In his research, modularity is important. We live in a world in perpetual motion, a reality that he always likes to illustrate in his projects. It matters to him that the user can take possession, develop and finalise the object according to his own desires.

TULUMBA — Studio Biskt

studio Biskt

STUDIO BISKT is the studio founded in 2018 by CHARLOTTE GIGAN and MARTIN DUCHÊNE.

At the crossroads of art and design, their collaboration is characterized by their duality and the contrast that gather them, a dual universe where ideas arise from hybridizations between industrial processes and manual skills.

The duo pays particular attention to the way the object is created. The multiple experiments partic- ipate in the emergence of new forms and functions that draw their inspiration from the architectural and industrial fields.

MISTO — De Angelis Design
GUARO — Elias Van Orshaegen
DISRUPT  — Fractall
BILBOQUET — Olivier Vitry
BALIK — Studio Biskt
 LAMP — Studio Gille Werbrouck X Hugues Loinard Studio

studio gilles werBrouCk Hugues loinard studio

GILLES WERBROUCK (textile designer) and HUGUES LOINARD (visual artist) collaborated on developing experimental objects mixing plaster molding and magnetic tape crochet.

The result of the hybridization of the two designers’ work acquires a singular plastic and mechanical quality granting great freedom in production. The textile appearing randomly on the surface of the plaster captures the light and improves the robustness of each creation.

In order to highlight this formula, the duo produced a series of lamps, the lampshade emerging deli- cately from the plaster base revealing the aesthetic quality of the VHS crochet work through which the light is filtered.

π — Studio Part

studio Part

STUDIO PART (JULIE VAN MULDERS and LENNART VAN UFFELEN) is a conceptual studio and manufac- turing atelier that looks at design, not as a single occupation, but as a woven whole in a world of plenty.

Because this world exists of PARTs, never one without another.


C1 — Studio Tim Somers

studio tim somers

STUDIO TIM SOMERS is a furniture workshop that focuses on the creation of unique and handmade pieces. The projects are a combination of functionality and artistic insights within the craft of wood- working. All of the projects are handmade with great attention to precision and passion, resulting in a durable end result. The production is divided with a fixed collection and assignments on demand. The projects can range from furniture to fixed objects within a space.

GORDN — Wouter Persyn

wouter PersYn

WOUTER PERSYN (°1996) studied architecture in Ghent (B) and Barcelona and furniture design in Mechelen (B). With his work he balances between architecture and visual art, between graphic and spatial work.

As an architect, designer or artist, he wants to surprise and amaze the viewer by playing with the visual aspect which can be seen in anything he designs or creates, from bright murals to functional art pieces such as the Gordn Steel Series.

His work is inspired by classic Surrealism, or masters such as Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, Felice Varini or Gordon Matta-Clark.

LAMP — Studio Gille Werbrouck X Hugues Loinard Studio
SYSTEM P4 — Studio Part
STOOL — Studio Tim Somers
GORDN — Wouter Persyn

Belgium is Design has seized the opportunity to join a renowned collective project and supports the Ateliers Baranzate: 3000 square meters dedicated to collectible design and experimental art, to be discovered in the north of Milan during the design week.

This project builds on the success of the Brussels creative hub Zaventem Ateliers conceived by Belgian artist, interior architect, designer and entrepreneur Lionel Jadot. It brings 16 resident studios and 7 special guests to Baranzate.


Baranzate Ateliers
6 to 12 June 2022 Via Milano, 251
20021 Baranzate (MI)

Every year, more than a hundred Belgian brands and designers present their new products in Milan. The Belgian Design Map lists all these initiatives at the Salone del Mobile.Milano and outside (Fuorisalone). 


With this annual appointment, Belgium is Design proudly pursues its objective: to generate new and lasting links between all design players - from designers and entrepreneurs to the press and the general public - and to report on the positive developments and changes in the field of industrial production that influence our society.