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Available until 28.05.2020

NO/AN is the handbag line conceived by Brussels-based Finnish designer Anna Lehmusniemi. Having worked for several fashion brands and understanding that accessories were her true calling, she logically turned to handbags as a source of inspiration, focusing on sleek lines and high-quality skins. Launched in 2016, NO/AN acted as a reaction to overconsumption and the reckless speed of the fashion system. Encouraging her clientele to reconnect with the beauty and value of long-lasting -and patiently crafted- bags, the Finnish designer imagined supple and relaxed styles, which could not be tied to any seasonal trends. Concentrating on the concept of a permanent and timeless collection, which could renew itself and grow over time, NO/AN pushed a slower and more humane approach towards luxury, as well as a desire to slow fashion down.


- Generate and analyse website traffic

- Manage search engine optimization (SEO)

- Develop online marketing strategy

- Manage social media advertising



- Good understanding of online fashion retail

- Understanding of SEO/SEM

- Willing to work autonomously

- Takes initiative, organized, creative

- Good English writing skills


- Opportunity to learn about the Fashion industry and leather handbags

- Opportunity to learn about a small company and its needs