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Part-time internship - 2021

Available until 31.03.2021
Here, Hier, Ici / Yesterday, Gisteren, Hier a name that articulates to your needs, tells your brand stories through products and spaces. Hier is a studio and a workshop. We research, design, and produce. Locally. What we design thinks about its end of life. Avoids waste. And enters an eco chain. We listen, we collaborate. We work for and with you. To have a vision that adapts to you and your clients.


As a design intern you will be working with us on a new research project.
Research through words, written or spoken, through field work, through making.
Local goods are on the menu. For it is important for us when we are here, to produce here. Hopefully for you too. 

We see this internship as an opportunity for catalytic conversations. 



  • Industrial design 

  • Product designer

  • Material design 



  • Online research

  • Field research

  • Research through making/drawing

  • Workshop prototyping

  • Documentation  



  • 3D software 

  • Manual skills

  • English or French required

  • Multitasking

  • Free, autonomous, motivated and organized

  • Opinionated, constructive and cooperative 


Starting Spring/Summer 2021, for 3 to 6 months, 3 to 5 days a week
We see this internship as an opportunity for catalytic conversations.
Food and transportation covered.

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