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MAD Lab+

Do you care 
about economics or ecologies ?

MAD LAB+ is the home of people with innovative ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit. The kind of people we like. The kind of people we like to support.
MAD LAB+ offers mentoring support to Brussels projects in the fashion and design sector with the aim to promote a sustainable eco-system (economic, ecological and social) via expertise, network, incubation and visibility.

Starters and entrepreneurs, employers and employees, thinkers and makers, the door of MAD LAB+ is wide open. Thanks to our mentoring programs and our Research and Development, our team of experts, business and job advisors is ready to serve your ideas and help them the become better and economically viable. We are happy to share our expertise and the expertise of 45 industry experts with you. 

In doing so, aim for innovation and participation, for quality and sustainability, for collaboration and making an impact. And doing business differently.

Services :
Triaxes . United Fashion . Business programs . Lab for Sustainble Solutions . International opportunities . Career . MAD Incubator

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Anaïs Anaïs Lambert Invest & Export Manager +32 475 37 26 80, Anne Anne Vertongen Triaxes Project Manager +32 475 31 00 67, Bénédicte Bénédicte de Brouwer United Fashion Manager +32 486 94 31 45, Elke Elke Timmerman Business & Career Director +32 479 63 62 73, Jean Jean Paternotte TRIAXES Manager +32 2 880 85 62, Peggy Peggy Acke Business Advisor +32 2 880 85 65, Roméo Roméo Gerard Career Advisor +32 488 16 31 03, Sandra Sandra Coumans Triaxes Project Manager,Yasmina Yasmina Touiss Ecodesign Manager +32 470 68 57 10