the masks. An essential accessory

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The Masks. An essential accessory

8 May 2020

Bénédicte Bénédicte de Brouwer United Fashion Manager

Giuseppe Virgone's mask
Giuseppe Virgone's mask

If the mask was still perceived as an incongruous object a few weeks ago, it will become a part of our intimacy for quite some time. It would therefore be interesting to consider it as a useful and full-fledged accessory to our dressing rooms. Today considered as a health and social guideline, it is expected that the consumer in need of aesthetic prosperity will use the mask as a kind of personal expression in his or her sartorial choice of the day.

Façon Jacmin's mask

Frankly speaking, we first had a double feeling about it. The rapidly growing demand has been largely confirmed today however it is still weird to trivialize these mask as a trend, given people are wearing them in order to slow down a global pandemic.
Of course, there was Marine Serre’s antipollution face masks from her Marée Noire show (2019). As a cyclist and sensitive to environmental issues, she began offering these masks with quite a success. Vanessa Friedman, fashion director of the NY Times is also referring to Serre in an article mid-March giving a brief history of masks. And as she concludes “Perhaps we will reach the point where wearing a mask will be seen, as it is in Asia, as a sign of care and a gesture of community.” 

In a second article Friedman was wondering if masks should be a fashion statement. And we do agree with her: “When masks migrate into the realm of fashion, however, they become something else. As with all accessories (as with shoes, bags and scarves), they become symbols of not just health or social concern, but of identity.” 

Brussels is a nest of highly talented designers and seamstress. They are the ones who voluntarily sewed masks for hospitals and medical centres. They did this for free, and at that time, no-one would have dared to think in commercial terms. 

Today, beyond social care and identity symbol, we truly believe it is a way to give a voice to local designers, to understand the value and the quality of local creation and certainly local production, and to raise awareness of the value of this know-how. The nomination as new fashion statement is a complete understatement, it will be an indispensable accessory in every wardrobe.

It is why we proudly share the work of our local designers and seamstress.
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Brussels is a nest of highly talented designers and seamstress

Vimpelova's masks
Vimpelova's masks

Bénédicte Bénédicte de Brouwer United Fashion Manager