Building your business x Les Vraies Filles

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Our Business department supports companies and young creators to develop their businesses and positioning, through personalised advice and coaching

Fashion designer Kaatje Sandra has been in the fashion business since 1987, when she started Max & Lola as a high-end kids’ label. Over the years, Kaatje witnessed the arrival of fast fashion and the explosion of brands.

Even though the market became saturated, she noticed a need for clothes fitting a busy lifestyle, both classy and casual. To answer that demand, she launched ‘Les Vraies Filles’ in 2018, a collection for different generations of women. After a couple of sessions with the MAD experts, it was clear that Kaatje needed to invest in a brand and communication strategy. She called in Art Director & Brand Specialist Sophie Norman and photographer Dominique Libeert who worked out a brand strategy and image corresponding the identity of Les Vraies Filles. The fresh regard and valuable feedback of these professional coaches really helped Kaatje to discover other approaches and solutions.


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