Don’t underestimate your potential!

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Our job advisors offer personalised support to all job seekers in making the transition to employment in the fashion and design sectors. At the same time, they provide relevant solutions for employers seeking staff in both sectors. With the support of Actiris

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Linda Hornakova, 27 years old, came to us straight from the Czech Republic. She has just finished her studies in textile engineering, had little professional experience and did not yet master French or Dutch. Well, this sounded like a perfect challenge for MAD! 

We worked on her know-how and interpersonal skills, we looked for job opportunities and we explored the Belgian textile market. Moreover, we listened and boosted her confidence, potential and professional goals. In the end, she got an internship at Euratex, the European Apparel and Textile Association, before being hired there with an employee contract.

Don’t underestimate the potential you have to sell to a company when you are young! 


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