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Our Business department supports companies and young creators to develop their businesses and positioning, through personalised advice and coaching

Contemporary jewellery designer Aurore de Heusch works and breaths the Dansaert entrepreneurial spirit, since the opening of her boutique gallery during the Mode Parcours in 2012.  Today she fulfils many roles as craftswoman, designer, producer, business manager and promoter of multiple Belgian jewellery talents. Aurore is not a person to settle down in her comfort zone. As forward-thinker she’s always in search of new business opportunities.

For several editions she is part of MAD’s international fashion Showroom which convinced her to take the step to Paris Fashion Week. In 2017 she decided to enhance her international development by joining MAD’s MOVE ON mentoring program and later the BOOST program in 2018.

A financial boost and intensive mentoring program followed by 3 (international) industry experts 
learned her a lot. Nowadays Aurore has a loyal and growing clientele in Brussels and her brand is distributed in several international countries. She lives her passion, with a certain proud of her parcours.

MAD is a pillar for me. From the very start the entire team gave me the support I needed. MAD allowed me to speed up my success process. On the one hand by its financial support but above all by its quality professional supervision. Thanks to MAD, I boosted the development of my B2B, I was able to analyse the strategies to adopt, know my possibilities, ... in short the development of my business made a considerable jump with the support of MAD”.  Aurore de Heusch 

  © Aurore de Heusch
  © Aurore de Heusch
  © Aurore de Heusch

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