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Our job advisors offer personalised support to all job seekers in making the transition to employment in the fashion and design sectors. At the same time, they provide relevant solutions for employers seeking staff in both sectors. With the support of Actiris

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“Convinced that coaching is a vehicle for personal growth and professional success, we help job seekers to set goals and ask the right questions to achieve themselves as an individual” - Roméo Gérard, Job Advisor

MAD is a home of people for people. That means that we care. Not only about the foam of our cappuccino, but also about your talent and your future. That’s why MAD offers workshops, a yearly job & business day and even personal career development coaching programs for ambitious people who want to work in fashion and design. By doing so, MAD creates opportunities to meet and connect, to boost your potential and professional goals, to understand market needs and to build your own network. No boring classes, but practical tools, training skills and interesting encounters with experts in the sector, so you can get to know yourself and start working on your network.

Oh, and if you just want to browse interesting job offers in the creative business, have a look at MAD’s job platform

This program has been developed with the support of Actiris.

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Design your Future / MAD job and business day
27 October 2020

"We guide you through the creative world of fashion and design, connect your aspirations with reality and open our network in the sector to help you achieve your dreams." - Sophie Heymans, Job Advisor

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