Triaxes x Shayp

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TRIAXES is an accompaniment program where 3 experts from different fields guide an entrepreneur in the R&D phase of a product (TRIAXES Pro) or the development of a fashion brand (TRIAXES Mode).
TRIAXES also has a Masters program (TRIAXES Ens) where students from different educations and schools collaboratively develop a pre-prototype product and business plan. The program is funded by ERDF - European Regional Development Fund, the RBC (Brussels Capital Region) and Innoviris.

Triaxes is: 

  • 3 programs
  • 40 experts involved
  • 35 entrepreneurs/projects accompanied
  • 70 students guided
  • 6 - 18 months support provided
  • L'Europe et la Région investissent dans votre avenir
  • Région de Bruxelles-capitale
  • Union Européenne
  • Innoviris

Shayp is a tool created by young entrepreneurs Alex McCormack, Zinedinne Wakrim  and Grégoire de Hemptinne, under the guidance of the TRIAXES experts. Shayp's vision is to democratize access to water efficient technology and to build favorable services for organizations and citizens. The tool instantly assess the total cost of water leaks and provides immediate plumbing assistance when necessary.

Thanks to its proven results in acting fast and efficient, the product is now produced in series and is already working with top global insurance companies and municipalities to lower water bills by 30%. 



Alexandre McCormack, Zinedinne Wakrim en Grégoire de Hemptinne  © David Plas
Shayp installation
  © David Plas
  © David Plas
  © David Plas
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