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MAD stands alongside Brussels-based entrepreneurs currently active in the fashion and design sectors to support them in the development of their activities beyond Belgian borders. Through international actions, MAD informs, supports and stimulates international business development. The following missions are carried out:

  • Scouting companies ready for export within the fashion and design sectors.
  • We offer advice for putting together funding applications for export support. 
  • We develop collective actions in terms of exports on the main markets related to these sectors. 
  • We provide specialist information in the fashion and design sectors and support to potential targeted investors. 
  • We activate our network of counterpart associates on an international level in order to generate market openings, both in terms of investment and exportation. 
  • We open up our network of international experts who can help to develop the international activities of Brussels-based companies. 
On an international level, MAD also aims to position Brussels as the creative hub for fashion and design in Europe. The objectives are to create a pioneering network of European promotional institutions and incubators, dedicated to sharing, teaching and researching knowledge of the European fashion market and its best practices.  

It is also about offering a platform to connect all the European agents involved, such as companies, designers, colleges, policy makers and all other professionals in the field.