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MAD has set up a support policy for Brussels students in the Fashion and Design sectors, through the MAD Lookbook Prize. Through this action, MAD wants to promote the integration of young graduates of fashion and design sections into the industry, by promoting their work at the end of their studies.

Indeed, the lookbook is a communication tool complementary to the curriculum vitae, essential to highlight its academic achievements and to embark on professional life, whether in the development of a project or in its pro-active job search. This is the opportunity for young creatives to optimize their academic work in a professional manner to best reach their targets (potential employers, potential customers and / or potential partners).

The lookbook can be considered in different forms: catalog, video, or web page (excluding a site or a blog).

MAD intervenes financially in the expenses of realization of the support chosen up to a maximum of 1000 euros VAT included by project, by candidate for the year 2018-2019.


Conditions of grant:

-          Beneficiaries

This call for applications is open to all sections (listed below) outgoing fashion & design of French and Dutch schools and social promotion classes in the Brussels Capital Region, whose end-of-year jury is held between May and June:

·       Accessories

·       Architecture

·       Interior design

·       Fabric design

·       Jewelry

·       Ceramic

·       Sewing

·       Shoes

·       Industrial Design

·       Social Design

·       Textile Design

·       Urban design

·       Food design

·       Graphic design

·       Leather

·       Modelist

·       Underwear styling

·       Fashion/pattern design

-          Request

The application must be introduced by the schools themselves. Each school can introduce 3 separate applications, relating to 3 different sections, in agreement with the teachers. The first complete files will be given priority, knowing that there are 20 prizes to be awarded each year for 20 students (thus 20 beneficiary sections).

-          Awards

The prizes will be awarded following the end of year juries, by a representative of MAD, based on the teachers’ decision. This requires schools to provide us with the dates and locations of the awards within a reasonable time.

-          End of year jury
At the request of the schools, MAD will be glad to participate to your end of year jury, this apart from the lookbook prize. The demand of the schools being strong, thank you to communicate us your dates at the earliest to be able to guarantee a presence in all the schools of Brussels.

-          Candidature file

For this year 2018-2019, the application file must be submitted between 1/1/19 and 1/2/19 at the latest to the Career department at the following email address: career@mad.brussels

This application will be sent by email and must contain:

• The name of the school

• The name of the section (max 3 per school)

• The name and contact information of the professor responsible for the section / workshop

• Number of students in the last year

• A description of the section

-          School commitment

If the section is selected for the lookbook award, the school will:

• give us the dates of the year-end juries

• make a publication on its website about the winner by including the MAD logo (available here: https://mad.brussels/en/about-us/download) with a link to our website

-          MAD commitment

MAD undertakes to publish the winners' lookbooks on its website, mentioning the name of the student and the name of the school in our school directory.

-          Lookbook price: procedure

After receiving a copy of the finalized lookbook (in PDF format of maximum 2 MB), MAD directly pays the invoices to the service provider. Only one condition: the provider is established in Brussels. Invoices must be sent directly to MAD, VAT included.

Billing information:

Brussels Center of Fashion and Design

Accounting department

Place du nouveau marché aux grains, 10

1000 Brussels

MAD Business Number: BE0831-792-420

The lookbook must be completed and submitted to MAD no later than September 30, 2019. Please respect this deadline, at the risk of having to give up this financial support worth € 1000.

As a selected candidate to receive financial assistance, the student agrees to mention MAD on all its communication tools related to the lookbook by inserting the logo (which can be downloaded from the website). Moreover, it allows MAD to use the images produced on this occasion, in all its forms, for promotional and non-commercial purposes.


MAD Career : career@mad.brussels - 0032 (0) 2 880 85 66