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Maximiliaan Rittler

  © Laura Knipsael
  © Laura Knipsael
  © Laura Knipsael
  © Laura Knipsael
  © Laura Knipsael

I´m Maximilian, 29 years of age, men´s wear designer from Vienna, (Austria)

I work with semiotics of the fine arts great history by being made of fantasy,
All made of passion and all made of wishes,
All adoration, duty, and observance,
All humbleness, all patience and impatience,
All purity, all trial, all observance

(William Shakespeare, As you like it.)

It was clear, ever since I can rember, that the fine arts are my passion, the drawing in particular. I worked with many materials and experiented lots of technics long before I was interested in fashion. In 2009 I finally gave my progressing fascination the try by begining my first fashion education in Vienna. I completed with Bachelor of Arts in 2013 at the Kunstuni Linz in Hetzendorf palace. Within this technical education I learned patternmaking, constructing and making of garments, drapage, shoemaking, knitting, millinery and printmaking. 

In the same year I started my work as assistent to a local brand and continued to work on a yearly collection and additional collaboration and peinture till 2015, when I decided to move to Antwerp to improve my creative process and sharp my senses through an additional study. In 2018 I concluded my 2nd BA of Arts and in June 2019 I finished my studies at the antwerp fashion departement with my Master. I´m still drawing a lot but primaly I focus on creating collections, improving collaborations and network between Belgium, France and Austria. Within the last six months I was able to participate within London fashion week, involve myself in several projects and being nominated finalist in Hyeres festival 2020.

With my visual language I try to share and distribute my very own vision and values – knowledge, fun and devotion!