Are you an entrepreneur (Small business, SME, freelancer or spin-off) and want to develop a product for mass manufacturing?

For example, a new type of packaging, a padlock, a tennis racket, a wind turbine, a pushchair, a medical instrument, a connected device, etc.

The TRIAXESpro programme offers you unique support for 3 to 6 months during your R & D phase.

This collaborative methodology has proven its worth over many years in the context of large companies.

To this end, we place a team of 3 experts in industrial design, engineering and business development at your service.

This service is subsidised with up to 20,000€ (maximum cap).

A deposit of 3,300€ is required from the project leader at the beginning of the programme. This is partially returned at the end of the consultancy. 



Brussels-based SMEs, start-ups, freelancers or spin-offs with less than ten employees subject to VAT. 


  •  simultaneous expertise from three professionals: one engineer, one designer and one business developer 
  • a professional audit on the economic and technological viability as well as on the usability of the product
  • preliminary work on the project reducing R & D time
  • collaborative work, increasing the analysis’ relevance
  • operational support: ecosystem, usage scenarios and market frustrations analysis...


  • have headquarters in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • own a VAT number
  • contribute financially up to 25% of the total allocated subsidy (a maximum of 3,300 euros) at the beginning of the mission
  • be self-employed or represent a structure with less than 10 employees 
  • Have an "innovative" project
  • respect funding accumulation regulations

example of a supported enterprise

In 2015, the Brussels-based company Ahooga, marketing ultra-light folding bicycles, was supported by the MAD Brussels TRIAXESpro programme in order to develop a flexible padlock that can withstand attempted theft.

After a research phase, several combinations of traditional materials were tested, but none proved to be infallible against an angle grinder (a tool used in thefts). The result of the trio of experts’ research, in collaboration with the company Ahooga, is a proposal for a multi-material padlock equipped with new, innovative and unexpected materials for this kind of object.  


“We received support from MAD’s TRIAXESpro programme to manufacture a smart padlock. For this project, different experiences and skills were needed, that aren’t generally found in one company, let alone in one person. 

The Triaxespro programme provided us with the combination of necessary qualities to carry out this project successfully: its marketing, industrial design, production and coordination. The question is, how can we develop a product if its demand and its market have not been analysed closely? But also, how can we draw up plans and design products if we have not mastered production processes or knowledge of the materials? Finally, how can we produce an effective padlock if its design has not taken this essential step into account?

Despite our shortcomings and lack of time, thanks to the Triaxespro programme we have been able to successfully carry out the first part of this project (market research and design plans) and we hope we can finalise it (final prototype), time permitting, with Triaxespro (as the need is more real than ever and current products are not really satisfactory).” Frédéric Mertens - Ahooga 

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