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Fashion brand of the year 2019

22 October 2019
Belgian Fashion Awards 2018
Belgian Fashion Awards 2018 © ©️ Alexandra Bertels

Since 2017, the ‘Belgian Fashion Awards’ are organised every year by Flanders DC, MAD Brussels, WBDM, Knack Weekend and Le Vif Weekend. These awards were established in order to turn the spotlight on the reputation, creativity and diversity of Belgian fashion, both on a national and international level. Our aim is to also showcase less well-known names and the talent behind the scenes.

Every year, the awards are an occasion to celebrate Belgian fashion, meet people and strengthen bonds within the creative sector. We show the world that Belgian fashion stands for independence, personality and sustainability. In the world of fashion, we are known to be surrealist, modest, hardworking, avant-garde and no-nonsense. Belgian fashion lets the work speak for itself. During the awards, we set our modesty aside and promote Belgian fashion.

The Fashion brand of the year is an audience award for which Belgian brands can apply. A professional jury made a careful selection, but the YOU have the final say.

Go to  www.belgianfashionawards.be and choose your favourite from a final selection of 10 brands. By voting you can win a duo ticket for the award night on November 21!
The brand with the most votes wins the audience award. The selected brands are:

  • Arte
  • Bonjour Maurice
  • Façon Jacmin
  • Filles a Papa
  • Howlin
  • La Fille d’O
  • Léo
  • Natan
  • Mieke Dierckx
  • Snobe.
Façon Jacmin ©️ Merel Hart
©️ Arte Antwerp
©️ Filles à Papa
©️ Howlin
©️ La Fille d'O
©️ Léo
Mieke Dierckx ©️ Elien Jansen
Natan ©️ Nathalie Gabay
©️ Snobe
©️ Bonjour Maurice