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Inside Stories #15 | Live talk by La Gadoue

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19:00. 20:00 Livestreaming on Facebook MAD, Home of Creators

Inside Stories, a series of live talks by 19 actors of change, selected by MAD, Home of Creators.

Join us online for #15 w/ La Gadoue by Eloïse Maës & Audrey Werthle on 13.08 at 19:00 via Facebook livestream (French).

MAD Windows: Inside Stories

The 'MAD Windows' is a place for sharing experiences, know-how and interactions. For Inside Stories, we selected 19 actors of change, professionals acting and reflecting on pressing issues of our society in transition through their design- and other creative skills. Via a series of livestream sessions, they'll share their stories, know-how and insights through a talk or workshop.

Talk 'Upcycling as a creative method'

As the fast-fashion is being questionned and is slowly trying to move towards more sustainability, it still leaves behind tons of not wanted clothes. We are rising to this challenge to bring these garments back in the loop. Upcycling means that we do a minimal intervention on the textile”waste” to turn it into something more valuable. By pairing with local textile industries we are looking for solutions to optimize this process and to propose new applications to these new textiles.

About La Gadoue

2 Designers - 4 hands - Plenty of imagination - A Workshop in Anderlecht, Brussels.

Our specificity is our indepth knowledge of materials, our wish to extend the possibilities of creation by twisting traditional technics. We stand between craft and innovation. Our honest research is looking towards natural and sus-tainable materials as we wish to create objects that are freed from ephemeral trends.

We have achieved an expertise in the fields of materials development, colours and their concrete application. We create to objects, ceramics, textiles and surfaces which carry sensibility and humanity.

As a design and production studio, we offer our services of DESIGN and PRO-TOTYPING for ceramics and textiles projects. We address interior architects, decorators, restaurants and hotels owners, and also artists and designers.

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