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Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10
1000 Brussels
18.04 | 6-10 pm
Launch of the Chill Chair by Zigmund Pront
7pm: Performance by Emma Verbeeck & Romy Vanderveken - Lost without my things

23.04-28.04 | 11am-6pm
Chill Chair Parcours

27.04-28.04 | 11am-6pm
Video Performance by Emma Verbeeck & Romy Vanderveken during Dag van de Dans - Lost without my things
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MAD events

Join us for a free drink on April 18 to celebrate the launch of the Chill Chair, a new project by Brussels based design duo Zigmund Pront, and the finissage of our MAD Windows x Façon Jacmin x Gioia Seghers. 

FINISSAGE | MAD Windows | Façon Jacmin x Gioia Seghers

For one month the sisters Jacmin have taken over our MAD Window creating an inspiring universe made by denim, sustainable projects and a special feat. with Gioia Seghers!

Take a final look at the exposition of unique upcycled artisanal pieces, crafted by hand in the Paris atelier, and discover
the results of the Façon Jacmin denim collect action. Façon Jacmin will be present to demonstrate the different phases of their upcycling project!


LAUNCH | Chill Chair by Zigmund Pront | Dance performance by Emma Verbeeck & Romy Vanderveken

Zigmund grew up deep in the woods amongst the trees where the calming force of nature grew upon him like a second skin. In every movement he made, in everything he did, Zigmund Pront searched the peace of natural forms, colors, waves and breaths. Time went by and Zigmund travelled all over the world. A world inhabited by other people, by cars and buildings, by bricks and stainless steel. He became at once adept at the sound of the city. Zigmund was still a wild kid with nonetheless metropolitan noise on his mind. He had to reconcile his roots and current whereabouts, the woods and the concrete jungle, nature and nurture.

This became an opportunity to explore the essence of that energy and translate it into objects that feel the same way. The Chill Chair was a result of that study. The soul recurs in its form, implementation and material. The reflection of the material used for the Chill Chair recalls the strong personality of the wild and the uncut, which evokes a massive impact through all kinds of minuscule actions. In every environment, the chairs gently reflect that charm in a subtle way. Instead of mostly horizontal city movements, the chair slowly bend in an organic way along with the body it carries, or merely by the blowing of the wind. These chairs chill and cradle. They wobble and waggle. They rock.

To keep the design pure and simple, there is no use of mechanical joints. In nature, every movement has its purpose. The two elements of the chairs keep each other in balance. The way these elements are folded, determines the internal force. The chill chairs are also rocking chairs, which has a calming and meditating result, just like nature does. Its light impression brings elegance to the claimed space. Zigmunds ultimate goal is to bring the chairs back to where they belong, back to nature. Hence, the chill chairs can be perfectly used outdoors. They interact and communicate with the plants and trees and finally become cohabitants.

About | Zigmund Pront

Zigmund Pront is the alter ego of the Brussels based design duo Britt P. and Annelies V. Britt picked up the art of cohesion, analysis of constraints, proportions and shapes as an architect. With a family of traditional crafts men and aesthetic lovers, her head has never been not creating. In discussions and collaboration with Annelies V., owner and creator of garden suites LEON°16 (Brussels), she found a complementary partner to make creations stronger. Annelies V. creates spheres in a very intuitive way. Her ideas and designs are pure and simple, hinting at her roots in the country life. Together they focus on design with the same urge to go to the essence of unpretentious beauty. They continuously push each other to the next level. Together they more than double their strength and the sum of their parts is Zigmund Pront.

Dance performance | 'Lost without my things'

In the performance Lost without my things, dancer Emma Verbeeck and visual artist & choreographer Romy Vanderveken harmonize the link between people and objects, as a reflection of the design process.
How connected are we with the things and objects that surround us? This performance illustrates the intimate dialogue between a dancer and her environment. The immediate surroundings - the Chill Chairs - question her sense of coordination and balance. Ultimately, in this performance the border between dance and daily routine disappears. Dancer and object become one, the self dissolves in its environment.