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The NATIONA(A)L Artist Supermarket

NATIONA(A)L is back with a new concept: The NATIONA(A)L Artist Supermarket, an exhibition, an immersive experience and a commercial fair dedicated to the promotion of the Belgian creative & cultural industries.

The supermarket will take place in the Vanderborght building from the 28th of November till the 15th of December 2019. 9 creative disciplines will be showcased: Visual Arts, Design, Food, Music, Cinema, Book, Performance & Digital Arts.

Who can apply? 
Individual artists & creative organizations, cultural institutions, creative businesses & online shops, incubators, collectives, platforms, artist co-working spaces, editors, distributors, investment funds, crowd-funding platforms, record labels, promotors, bands, books, prints, publishers, producers, film, dance, furniture, design, clothing, jewelry, art galleries, movie theaters, live music and performance.

Want to be part of this very belgian project?
Please discover the exhibition conditions and apply here