Food Design Still

Workshop + exhibition

6 novembre 2019
© Alexandra Mitsiou

We are thrilled to announce you our collaboration with LUCA School of Arts for a brand-new food design project in our MAD Café! 
Students will explore the position of food as part of the interior, the result of their researches will be exhibit at MAD during the month of November. 

Design-food-still is introducing food as a spatial element, this by exploring the position of food as part of the interior.

The space, where we gather for our daily activities, reflects how food properties like form, color and structure are linked to spatial elements.
We research multidisciplinary content of the design ‘still’ and how these attributes are visible in interior architectural concepts, reflecting a lifestyle that resonates with ourselves.

CC common connection reflects a sophisticated treatment of material and color by mixing the fields of arts; design, art and production.
This workshop production is embodied by Alexandra Mitsiou and Eva Raffaella Menga through research and experiments, in building a visual language.


I can't understand
why people
are frightened
of a new ideas
I'm frightened
of the old ones
John Cage

Alexandra Mitsiou AM
food content designer

Eva Raffaella Menga ERM
architectural designer