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Inside Stories #16 | Live talk by Studio d-o-t-s

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13:00. 14:00 Livestreaming on Facebook MAD, Home of Creators

Inside Stories, a series of live talks by 19 actors of change, selected by MAD, Home of Creators.

Join us online for #16 w/ Studio d-o-t-s by Laura Drouet & Olivier Lacrouts on 21.09 at 13:00 via Facebook livestream (English).

MAD Windows: Inside Stories

The 'MAD Windows' is a place for sharing experiences, know-how and interactions. For Inside Stories, we selected 19 actors of change, professionals acting and reflecting on pressing issues of our society in transition through their design- and other creative skills. Via a series of livestream sessions, they'll share their stories, know-how and insights through a talk or workshop.

Talk 'BECOMING PLANT. From Fascination to Transformation'

In a period of global climate & health crisis, shall we reconsider our human-centred view of the world? Proposed in the form of a participatory reading-club, “BECOMING PLANT. From Fascination to Transformation” wishes to open up new other-than-human perspectives. During the event, studio d-o-t-s will accompany the audience in the discovery of stories & design experiments that shaped the relationship between humans and plants.

Join the Facebook event now and discover a series of reading/video suggestions shared by studio d-o-t-s that shall help participants dive into the discussed notions, getting ready to engage in a positive & constructive conversation.

The live event will start with a brief introduction by Laura Drouet and Olivier Lacrouts (the founders of studio d-o-t-s) regarding their upcoming exhibition Plant Fever (CID Grand-Hornu, Oct. 18th, 2020 - Feb. 14th, 2021) and the notions of plant-blindness and phyto-centred design.

The duo will then proceed with a 30 min. multimedia presentation (photos, videos, music and quotes) articulated around three notions: Fascination, Conversation and Transformation. At the end of the presentation, participants will be invited to actively participate in the conversation sharing their comments & feelings.

“BECOMING PLANT. From Fascination to Transformation” is the first episode of a virtual reading-club programme produced by the CID au Grand-Hornu museum in the frame of the exhibition Plant Fever. On this occasion, studio d-o-t-s will also introduce its “Manifesto for phyto-centred design”, which will be part of the exhibition.

About Studio d-o-t-s

Laura Drouet (FR) and Olivier Lacrouts (IT/FR) founded d-o-t-s in 2014. Currently based between Brussels (Belgium) and Milan (Italy), the duo develops editorial and curatorial projects that focus on alternative social dynamics, off-the-record stories and experimental design perspectives. Defined by the participatory and interdisciplinary approach, their work spans from writing and exhibition-making to hands-on workshops.

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